About Me

I am a Rochester, New York based web developer and designer. I’m comfortable working for clients of various sizes; from a photographer with an online portfolio to e-commerce sites that generate thousands of dollars each month.

In addition to normal web development and support duties at UnitedU, I was also part of their Professional Services Retainer program. As a dedicated resource to their largest, highest volume E-Commerce merchants, I worked directly with companies such as Moosejaw, Lumens, Peter Glenn, Hickey Freeman, and Austad’s Golf.

Michael’s work consistently demonstrated three characteristics: a rapid response to the client’s requests, clear communication on directions and expectations, and an ability to deliver on the client’s vision….I received frequent feedback from my team on Michael’s attention to detail, adherence to time and budget constraints and general positive approach to getting the job done.-J. Segura, Director of Merchant Solutions

CUnet, a previous employer, generates leads for colleges and universities through forms at a portal site and through external vendors. Since our forms represent the schools, appearance and functionality has to be just so. The biggest challenge is creating designs that are unique to every client but meet CUnet’s own branding standards and of course the best practices for forms. Working with other designers and stake holders, we created and documented a set of standards and best practices. At the same time, I worked with programmers to make sure the forms being generated meet at least the minimum requirements for web content accessibility; a marked improvement.

Michael has been a pleasure to have within the Presentation team at CUnet, a company that is very new to the “design” world. He has taken charge in a lot of instances where he felt the company was lacking initiative from a presentation standpoint and succeeded in immediate improvement. His ability to be efficient and his mandate to work hard combine nicely with clean, appealing design skills. We look to Mike as a team leader in most instances, even if the company has simply classified us as equals.-M. Ginnitti

Prior to CUnet, I worked as webmaster on Citibank The Student Loan Corporation’s intranet as well as developing internal web applications for them. Being responsible for the intranet exposed me to various business groups within the company where I worked to understand their needs and develop appropriate solutions.

Michael was approached to assist with a project of great significance for the sales team and required to be completed within a quick 3 week turnaround time. Michael met with various groups in the organization to create a search engine on the intranet for all the print unit marketing materials. The result of this project was an annual savings of $26,000. He explored the best ways possible to produce a product that was everything sales asked for and also reduced cost in the meantime.-S. Chintalapudi

The project I’m most proud of at The Student Loan Corp. was extending the functionality of Great Performances, human resources’ employee recognition program. I worked closely with human resources and did user testing with employees to make sure the application met their needs and was usable. The improvements involved automating approval processes for varying award types that had previously been done manually; a very time consuming task. Other enhancements include a javascript shopping cart and inventory control system to manage prizes for award recipients. The new system also includes reporting so managers can see view who in their department is being recognized and for what.

Mike came into our business at a critical time in our project. We gave him our requirements and an aggressive date for implementation. Mike has given 110% to getting Great Performances back up with all of the enhancements. Feedback from our users has been fantastic. They appreciate the ease in using the site and the new reporting functionality.-D. Cator, HR Manager

WWWEnterprise, Inc. is a startup environment where I worked as Director of Technical Services (doing pretty much everything related to technology). The bulk of my responsibility was programming and maintaining over 60 e-commerce domains that generated approximately 5 million annually. The most popular of these sites receives over 10,000 unique visitors per day. Maintaining code for that many domains soon became nearly unmanageable until I created an initiative to consolidate it. Working with another programmer, we were able to centralize all the underlying code for the sites.

I worked closely with Michael in a start up company for over 4.5 years. His working knowledge of programming languages and understanding of web development aided in turning a small company into a major player in the physician-only skin care sales arena. He is a self-starter, motivated, and strives for quality results.-C. Whitmore Director of Operations

When I’m not working, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, exploring the area with my camera and generally enjoying life.