Leadership tips from the highest performing leaders

Level Five Associates

Major Generals John Batiste and General Mixon (US Army retired) have led at the highest levels of the military and in civilian life at private corporations and non-profits. General John Batiste is the former President and CEO of Klein Steel and current President and CEO of Buffalo Armory. And General Robert Mixon is currently Executive Vice President at CDS Monarch. So basically these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to leadership.

Like superheroes, they’ve partnered to create a super company called Level Five Associates. Level Five Associates’ uses their combined experience leading teams at the highest levels of military, civilian and non-profit organizations to provide companies and organizations with leadership and strategic planning to produce measurable outcomes through a culture of innovation and trust.

Luckily for us mere mortals, they’ve started blogging and sharing their leadership tips. Their first post, Why Level Five Associates? is online here. It’s pretty introductory right now but be sure to sign up for their email list to get the best of their thoughts and ideas delivered to your inbox twice a month.