Follow Friday February 4, 2011

I started the year off making a conscious effort to be more proactive in engaging with people in my network. The people I’ve met have been great and so far it’s been very rewarding. It’s just worked out however, that over the last few weeks, some of the people I’ve met with have been people I already know, some quite well. So this week it was a real treat, and truer to my original intention, to be able to meet with two people whom I’ve been connected to for quite a while but have never met in person.


Euan Morton Twitter Avatar

Euan Morton (@BlackDogRsrch)
With over 10 years experience in various Information Technology disciplines and a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Buffalo, Euan knows how to find what you need to know. Getting ready to work on the next big thing? You’ve got a lot of homework to do. Who are your competitors? Do they have patents on anything related to your idea, or even part of it? How much do you know about your target audience? Euan specializes in competitor and market analysis as well as patent research. He can take care of all that legwork for you. Euan’s Black Dog Research is ‘dogged’ in their research for you.


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Bre Roz (@BreRoz)
I think Bre might be Rochester’s internet queen. She is literally everywhere.Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, Posterous, YouTube, Vimeo. The list goes on. She definitely “gets” social media and is immersed in it. And with over 8500 followers, it’s obvious she puts out quality content that keeps people engaged and coming back. Like me, Bre is a front-end web developer so it was nice to sit down and share some funny/sad client stories, throw some ideas around and talk shop. It’s too bad we finally met just before she relocates to Chicago. But if you’re in that area and need a kick-ass front-end developer, look her up.