Embrasse-Moi Lingerie blog

Embrasse-Moi blog

Embrasse-Moi, a luxurious lingerie boutique in Pittsford, had a Blogger blog with loads of great content in the form of articles and fashion reviews, tips, and news. Unfortunately, since all that content was hosted on the Blogspot.com domain, none of their hard work was benefitting their own website, http://www.embrasse-moi-lingerie.com, with increased search engine ranking.

I set up a new WordPress blog on their existing domain and imported all their content so they wouldn’t lose or have to manually enter any posts or comments. They also really liked the design, layout and features of their Blogger blog so I created a WordPress theme that retained that look and feel as well as all the sidebar features.

Embrasse-Moi’s blog design and features stayed the same, their publishing process stayed the same, and now they get all the search engine benefits of having all that great content on their own domain!