Follow Friday – February 25, 2011

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Lexi Rodrigo (@lexirodrigo)
I started following Lexi on Twitter because of the great resources she provides for freelancers. Her blog, The Savvy Freelancer, has great articles and videos on topics like finding new clients, getting health insurance, tracking income and expenses, tax tips, etc. In addition to these resources, Lexi regularly holds free webinars, bringing in industry experts to present and do Q&A sessions. Lexi wasn’t always a freelancer however, and the knowledge she shares on her blog comes from experience. After 16 years working for Unicef helping others’ children, she wanted a career that let her spend more time with her own. So she struck out on her own, putting her experience copywriting and marketing to work for her own clients. Improving the quality of the copy on one client’s site so much, their average daily visitors increased ten-fold! Be sure to check out her blog and signup for her email for tips to help your freelance business and your clients’.