Follow Friday January 14, 2011

This week things were a little busier so I had fewer “social” meetings on the books. But I did get to have lunch with a few old friends, so here’s a little bit about them:

Phil Visalli LinkedIn avatar

Phil Visalli (LinkedIn)
Everybody needs a Phil. Phil is the kind of guy who would do anything for his friends. Need help moving (check; several times), need help securing your home wireless network (check), want to know why your new smartphone is so slow (check), need help hanging drywall (not yet), you get the idea. Network Engineer at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, superhero and radio personality by night.

Clark Dever Twitter avatar

Clark Dever (@clarkdever)
Clark and I go WAY back. Like all the way to high school. For him anyway. I’ve always been impressed by Clark’s knowledge and initiative. I was making pizzas in high school. He was writing code that powered e-commerce sites generating millions of dollars annually. He’s always been ahead of the curve, so it’s not surprising that he’s now Manager of Social Media for a company like Vuzix, makers of augmented reality eyewear.

William J. Ingalls Twitter avatar

Will Ingalls (@Wingalls)
I first met Will through Clark (see above) while visiting Buffalo. But I see him a lot more often now that he’s a Photojournalism student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. When not making photographs he enjoys great food, friends, and travel. Check out some of his work at