Follow Friday February 18, 2011

While these Follow Friday guys have pretty different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common, they’re well connected and know how to hustle (in a good way). I’m really pleased with how things worked out this week. Timothy is someone I’ve wanted to chat with for a while, but working and attending classes full-time keeps him pretty busy. So I’m glad that finally worked out. Nick is someone I wanted to feature here but getting together in person didn’t seem likely since he’s relocating soon. I couldn’t believe my good luck when I found out John was meeting with Nick just prior to my scheduled meeting with John! And that Nick could stick around and chat for a while. It’s such a small world. Although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that these two guys are connected.


Timothy Whalin Twitter avatar

Timothy Whalin (@TimothyWhalin)
Timothy and I have been following one another on Twitter for a while now but we finally managed to catch up and have a chat on Skype this week (he’s based in Colorado Springs, Colorado). During that chat, Timothy revealed his sinister plan to dominate the Twitterverse (ie: being followed by every web developer and designer). And he’s well on his way; tweeting quality web development and design related content about every 15 minutes. All day. Every week day. It won’t surprised me a bit when he pulls it off either. Timothy is motivated. Taking full-time classes, working full-time, and racking up some impressive design, branding, and marketing experience for such a young guy.


Nick Rovisa Twitter avatar

Nick Rovisa (@NickRovisa)
I met Nick a few weeks ago through the Rochester Twestival planning committee, which we both volunteer for. In the short time I’ve known Nick, we never got a chance to have a really in-depth conversation but he immediately impressed me as a very sharp, well connected, ideas guy. Nick has so many great ideas in fact, I think it’s going to be difficult for him to pick just one and roll with it. Nick is relocating shortly to New York City to work on social media for public relations firm Ruder Finn. Although it’s a great opportunity, I’m sorry to see him go before we got a chance to work on one of his great ideas.


John Exley Twitter avatar

John Exley (@JohnExley)
John and I met earlier this month at RIT for Brad Feld’sDo more faster” book tour focused on startups. Like Nick, John immediately impressed me as a super bright guy with great ideas. So I was psyched to be able to sit down with him over coffee this week and chat. He’s currently working with Syncables, marketing their new product called LivePlay which will allow people to access their important files everywhere they go. John is startup obsessed, snagging amazing, insightful interviews with startup CEOs from around the globe for his personal blog, The X Factor.