Lumens: Recently Viewed

Lumens Recently Viewed

Lumens, a high-end retailer specializing in lighting and home accessories, wanted to provide their customers with a summary of all the products they’ve viewed during a particular time period.

We created a section, titled Recently Viewed, in the right-hand column that briefly summarizes all of the products a specific customer has viewed. Each product is linked to it’s full description page where it can be purchased. Only the five most recently viewed products are displayed at any given time in the sidebar but customers can view every product they’ve looked at one a special page.

This feature is developed so that Lumens can easily change the number of products displayed in the sidebar at any given time as well as the period of time that products are considered recently viewed (ex: a browser session, 30 days, a year, etc).

Michael is an outstanding web developer. He implemented numerous functional improvements to our Retail eCommerce site including Quick Look, Recently Viewed and Ratings & Reviews quickly and effectively.-Vince Barriero