Some cool local projects

Geva Theatre desktop siteI’m lucky and grateful that my job allows me to work with clients all over the world. But these projects for local Rochester, New York organizations are my current favorites. Working with Michael Philipson and Alexia Georgiou (design) at the Philipson Group, we recently launched these cool projects.

The National Museum of Play

Strong Museum of Play mobile siteThe Strong already had several web properties built with Drupal that their staff had training with and was familiar using but needed a better mobile experience for parents visiting The National Museum of Play with their kids. For busy parents on the go, the mobile site had to be quick and easy to use; focused on where it is, when it is open, and their current exhibits. We were able to build an attractive, easy to use mobile experience that tied in content from their existing website, keeping the two properties (mobile and desktop) in sync and preventing their marketing staff from having to enter duplicate content.

About The National Museum of Play: The National Museum of Play is part of The Strong in Rochester, New York. Established in 1969 and based initially on the personal collection of Rochester, NY native Margaret Woodbury Strong, the museum opened to the public in 1982. Since then it has refined and increased its collections (hundreds of thousands of items), and expanded twice, in 1997 and 2006. The collections of the National Museum of Play include hundreds of thousands of historical objects related to play, including the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of dolls, toys, and games.

Geva Theatre

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