TEDxBuffalo 2013

TEDxBuffalo home section 1It had been a few years since the inaugural TEDxBuffalo event and website launch. The team has grown and learned a few things that have made the events better over the years and it was time the website reflected those improvements. So a redesign was in order to prepare for the 2013 event.

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Kate Wolcott from k8creative provided the design and I created a custom theme to implement the design. The redesign uses their existing CMS (WordPress) so none of the processes have changed for the folks tasked with publishing content and maintaining the site. But the redesign is much modern and open and the content has been restructured to make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Please visit the TEDxBuffalo website for more information on attending, participating, and sponsorship opportunities.

You can see the original TEDxBuffalo site here.